Chic Crew Salon offers the greatest makeup application available. Our professional makeup artists use high-quality cosmetics and go above and above to ensure your big occasion is even more spectacular. We have a wide range of makeup looks available at your service.
Our squad of makeup artists have the necessary qualifications and are all qualified and competent in each and every aspect of excellent makeup services, as well as contemporary brand awareness for each nationality, culture, and event.


Our skilled makeup artists perform an incredible job with our customers' facial features. They are excellent at augmenting certain features of the face, such as the eyes and cheekbones, while creating the appearance of minimizing others, like a big nose.
Makeup is designed to make you look beautiful, but if you use it incorrectly, the consequences may be disastrous! Therefore, if you're looking for someone to do flawless makeup to ensure you appear more attractive, you should check out our makeup services.


The most important technique that our makeup artists follow is choosing the correct foundation shade along with other necessary colors according to the face complexion. Foundation shades that are appropriate for your complexion and eyeshadow colors are all factors in play. Consequently, our experts take care of that and never fail to make you look flawless. Another vital tip that we use is to never apply a thick eyeliner. Heavy eyeliner is fantastic in certain situations, however, applying a line of eyeliner densely may look over. Even a small line may help immenselyfor your eyes to pop, drawing attention! Therefore, remove the bold strokes and opt for something a little more delicate.


Last but not least, our makeup artists are aware of all trendy looks in the market. We play around with different looks and know exactly what would look the best on you. We always try to create unique makeup looks by adding different colors and methods of shaping your face in a chic way.
Our eyes are one of the most revealing features of our faces. In regard, our professionals use eyeshadow or eyeliner that could be bold and draw attention to your face or go for a softer finish by merely brushing your eyelashes with a thin coat of mascara.
Either option you prefer, our makeup professionals will willing to respond to any concerns you may have and provide you with the greatest makeup looks.

Our Prices

Bride Trial Run Price

Bride Hair £120
Bride Make-Up £120
Bridesmaids Hair £65
Bridesmaids Make-Up £65
Mother of Bride Hair £65
Mother Of Make-Up £65

On the Day Price

Bride Hair £220
Bride Make-Up £220
Bridesmaids Hair £75
Bridesmaids Make-Up £75
Mother of Bride Hair £75
Mother Of Make-Up £75

Make Up

Eye Make Up £30
FullMake Up £50