Hair that is gorgeous is a never-ending desire. We offer a wide array of hair treatment London for various hair textures and problems at Chic Crew. We will guide you by our best hairdressers London to choose the one that’s ideal for you. As part of our natural and unique treatment products, we provide dynamic hair treatments for both damaged and dyed hair to restore those hair strands back into existence and rejuvenate.
Hair color is something that many women like playing with. Admittedly, it’s a method of self-expression that leads to ingenious as well as healing development. While we urge you to go crazy and try any hair color, there’s no disputing that frequent coloring can harm the condition of your hair, increases the susceptibility to roughness, flatness, and split ends.
Hence, that is why our hair treatment London is a one-stop solution for all the ladies out there. This solution by our best hairdressers London provides a lustrous, revitalizing cure to all types of hair and textures, dyed or not, and also repairs extensively damaged hair from repeated coloring.



At Chic Crew hair treatment London, try a Kerastase Fusio Dose or a Kerastase Elexir treatment. Collaborate with our best hairdressers London to learn further about your hair's demands and expectations, and then let our professionals create a personalized concoction just for your hair.
This splendid active ingredient will surely enhance hair transition and a magnificent sensation. Your hairstylist will customize this solution particularly for you and capture these essential details in your hair record so that when you return, we can either adjust your treatment or imitate this proven formula by the best hairdressers London.


It's a technique that repairs the disulfide bridges in your hair that have been destroyed by harmful chemicals. In our hair treatment London, Olapiex permits you to recover the volume, texture, and health of your hair if you've excessively bleached or had your hair dyed for ages. It's like a 'reboot' for your strands.
Olapiex is a bit of a mystery. It's become a common norm amongst salon patrons, yet for a product with such universality and a popular name, few folks recognize why most hairstylists are crazy after this.


The key to silky, glossy hair for most women comes at the heart of a keratin treatment. It's a famous hair treatment London for smoothing and shining frizzy hair.
Our hairstylists can build a mixture of the solution to fit your requirements. There are several variants of the treatment by our best hairdressers London that go by multiple labels. However, each keratin treatment helps to make hair more controllable, notably if it's wavy or thicker.

Our Prices


Kerastase-Fusio-Duse £15
Kerastase Mask+Fusio-Duse £25
Kerastase -Elexir £35
Olapiex in Colour £35
Olapiex Treatment £50
olaplex 4 in 1 £20
Keratin System £110