Is it time to change your existing color to something a little darker and richer? If you’re seeking a slight alteration, this is the best hair salon in London to go. In case you want a complete head dye or are looking for low highlights, you must go to a well-known beauty salon. If you’re uncertain which hair color and highlighting service to use, Chic Crew Salon assures that we are the best hair salon in London and a good fit for you.


Our color highlights include a color correction at the scalp as well as foils for spatial color. Our hairstylist in London is the best in the game when it comes to dying your hair, and we'll design this technique to blend with your existing hairstyle or look.


If it’s time to get away with those shades in your hair. Then perhaps a partial highlight is in the necessity for you. Our customers who have had a complete highlighting over the last three to six months or who style their hair in layers are eligible for this procedure. In our best hair salon in London, we thoroughly examine your recent hairdo and accordingly add foils to the places that require the greatest attention.


Your hair will be deeper in color at the origins and brighter at the tips with an Ombré, or we can brighten up your base and go deeper tips if you want. Regardless of any ombré, you decide, you'll adore your different appearance. This is a one-of-a-kind service that we offer in our best hair salon in London.
The ease with which ombre hair can be maintained is among the advantages of getting it done. Our hairstylist in London comprehends exactly where to apply the highlights for a beautiful, glowing look that complements your skin complexion and features.


Balayage has smoother, less visible outgrowth edges compared to typical highlights since it has a smooth gradient from darker to brighter. Once it comes to achieving delicate and decent looks, our hairstylist in London believes in going simpler with our balayage procedure.
Balayage likewise enables for a smoother development because of our hairstylist in London who does specific planning and soft-looking application.


Do you want to go brighter than your original shade but don't want to rely on a foil? No worries, our bleaching and toning process will give you the appearance you desire. A discussion with our hairstylist in London is the first step in this complicated method. During the session, we'll devise a strategy for achieving your hair objectives in our best hair salon in London.

Our Prices


Regrowth £45
Hairline/Parting Tint £25
Full Head Tint(Short) £55
Full Head Tint(Med,Long) £65
Scalp bleach £80
Gen’s Colour £25
Perms £70
Glossing £25
Semi Permanent £40


Partial Highlight£50
Half Head Highlight£75
Full Head Highlight£110
Single Foil£4.50